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This page contains Rank Upgrades that you can purchase to upgrade your existing paid rank on our servers. Purchasing any items without the correct paid rank is strictly prohibited. You will receive the difference in items/perks between the ranks.

Iron to Gold 10.00 7.00 GBP
Iron to Diamond 20.00 14.00 GBP
Iron to Emerald 30.00 21.00 GBP
Iron to Custom 40.00 28.00 GBP
Gold to Diamond 10.00 7.00 GBP
Gold to Emerald 20.00 14.00 GBP
Gold to Custom 30.00 21.00 GBP
Diamond to Emerald 10.00 7.00 GBP
Diamond to Custom 20.00 14.00 GBP
Emerald to Custom 10.00 7.00 GBP